let's improve our life to be better than now

How is your feeling right now?

@If you are happy,don't be too proud on your happiness but be grateful and thanks to Allah on your happiness.
@If you are sad,don't say no one cares of you,because Allah always care about you.Don't worry,every of sadness in this world,i'm sure it's full of  lessons.
@If you are normal,don't think that all of your problems are solved and don't feel that you are good enough,this is because,as long as we still alive,we need to pray to Allah.Remember that ,we live in this world is not eternal,this life is temporary.

What will you do ?

@Plan for happy?It's cool idea!You can do it as long as it is good and halal.Just simple happiness is good enough for you. If you know to what is the simple happiness that i meant is smile............... Always smile even you are sad or happy or normal. Smile with good intention is a nice thing.
@Plan for sad?I don't want to say that is the bad idea!You should know something,not at all of sadness is bad for you,it's also good sometimes.If you want to know,what kind of sadness is good for is a sadness that motivate us to improve ourselves.
@Plan for normal? I like this idea! Normal i better sometimes. We can handle our feeling ,In Shaa Allah. But it does not mean that we will never a problem in our lives so be careful in every time.